Born in London, I grew up in Buckinghamshire before running back to London, and finally away to Cambridge. Since the early 2000s, I have written and produced a lot of theatre, but that has grown into writing and making many other things…

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Since 2003 I have written professionally for all kinds of contexts - prose, plays, short plays, short films, online and offline games and educational projects. Currently working on a podcasted collection of short stories...

Over the years, I have given talks and run workshops to a very wide variety of audiences, in a wide range of locations, usually around the subject of storytelling and its applications, but sometimes on other things!

Short Films

With the collaboration of some very fine people over the years, I've made a few short films, some of them fairly silly:


Bad day for a London tour guide and his group…
Cast: Alex Kirk, Kerry Gilbert & Lizzie Bates
Written, Edited & Directed by Glyn Cannon

The Sketch

Short made for a 48hour film challenge with some odd stipulations (explains the hats). Very silly.
Cast: Zoe Gardner, Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Thom Tuck
Music: James Fortune & Georgina Howson
Produced: Zoe Gardner & Glyn Cannon
Written, Directed, Edited: Glyn Cannon


Cast: Zoe Gardner and Colin Hoult
with Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Justin Edwards, Alex Kirk, Gemma Leader, Simon Muller, Leisa Rea

Written by Zoe Gardner & Glyn Cannon
Edited & Directed by Glyn Cannon


This is promo clips from a show I was developing with my good friends, Michael J Sheehy and James Fortune, filmed at the National Theatre Studio in 2010.