Born in London, I grew up in Buckinghamshire before running back to London, and finally away to Cambridge. Since the early 2000s, I have written and produced a lot of theatre, but that has grown into writing and making many other things…

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Since 2003 I have written professionally for all kinds of contexts - prose, plays, short plays, short films, online and offline games and educational projects. Currently working on a podcasted collection of short stories...

Over the years, I have given talks and run workshops to a very wide variety of audiences, in a wide range of locations, usually around the subject of storytelling and its applications, but sometimes on other things!


Nebuchadnezzar as depicted by William Blake

This was first produced at what is now the Theatre 503 (née Latchmere) in May 2002, directed by James D Reid, with a cast of Stephen Darcy, Jon Fairfoul, Johnnie Lyne-Pirkis, Tess Mawle, Helen Neale, Anna Ledwich and Victoria Francis-Fox.

In it, Dryden is a corporate hot-shot, successful but not quite toeing the line by refusing to attend voluntary therapy sessions. Then, funnily enough, he immediately breaks down, whips off his clothes and runs around the office naked and growling.